Quizzes are a very effective way to encourage student learning. TopperQ provides a seamless experience for teachers by creating multiple choice quizzes. Quizzes can be timed or untimed. Timed quizzes are suitable for the classroom, while the untimed quizzes are good for homework.


Students can challenge two of their classmates to win bonus marks. This gamification encourages students to be more competitive and only helps them with their learning.


TopperQ has extensive reporting tools to review student performance conveniently on the platform. It also maintains a leader board for top performing students and teachers.

Parent Engagement

Parents find it very difficult to keep a tab on how well their children are progressing academically on a continual basis. TopperQ allows the parents to review their children’s performance and enables them to be engaged in their learning process by supporting them in their weak areas.


Teachers have the ability to create classroom and homework quizzes as a review exercise. They can monitor student performance and keep track of parent engagement.

School Administrator

School admins have full insight and control of the school academic structure, and the ability to set up teachers & students for different grades.

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